Cardo Scala Rider Pack Talk Bluetooth Headset

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Group riding has never been so exciting. The scala rider® PACKTALK™ introduces ground-breaking DMC™ (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) technology to re-define your riding experience. This new innovative technology introduces the 3rd generation of communication systems for riders, enabling your pack to maintain constant connectivity through a virtual network that is both spontaneous and fluid. Any member may randomly join, leave and return without compromising the conversation.

The PACKTALK incorporates DMC and Bluetooth® technologies to complement each other. The DMC intercom mode oers innovative technology for group communication. The auto-adaptive nature of DMC technology constantly forms and re-assembles itself to ensure that communication among a group of riders remains uninterrupted, irrespective of the ever-changing environment. Bluetooth mode provides you the freedom to conduct mobile calls, receive navigation instructions, listen to music (via A2DP or built in FM radio) and connect via intercom with other Bluetooth communication systems.

Cardo PackTalk Headset - Single Pack

• The world's only dual-technology both DMC and Bluetooth technologies

• DMC-Dynamic Meshwork Communication (patent pending) technology for large group intercom (at least 10 riders) over a dynamic, auto-adaptive mesh

• Seamless group communication remains unaffected by members leaving or joining the group

• Advanced voice recognition technology for true hands-free operation

• Additional multilingual voice commands

• Voice-controlled speed dial

• Voice-controlled mobile and intercom calls

• Cardo SmartSet App for Android and iOS devices enables the use of a smartphone as remote control on the handlebar and customization of devices

• Automatic call transfer from intercom to mobile phone when intercom range is exceeded

• Mobile phone conference call with outside caller and/or intercom partners

• GPS instructions, MP3 music continues in background during intercom calls as well as the FM Radio with RDS and six station built-in presets

• Rider and passenger can listen to the same stereo music via A2DP

• Best-in-class noise-cancellation algorithms

• Self-adjusting volume according to riding speed and ambient noise

• Interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones

• Superb audio quality with high-definition replaceable 3.5mm speakers

• Up to 13 hours of talk time and one week stand by

• Waterproof and dustproof